• Car winterizing tips

    It’s time to winterize your car! A friendly reminder from All-Maryland Recovery and Towing

    Whether you embrace cold weather and all that comes with it, or dread winter months like the plague, winter is a’commin.

    It’s time to get your coat out of the back of the closet and make sure your kids’ boots still fit. Also, don’t forget to get your car ready for winter.

    Here are some car winterizing tips that your dad always took care of for you when you were a teenager, and that he assumes you are doing for yourself now that you are an adult. Make your dad proud. Do the following:

    Check your tires

    If you are like most people, you don’t spend any time thinking about your tires. This could be a mistake. You don’t want to find out that your tires have little tread as you are spinning out of control in ice or snow. 

    We live in the Baltimore area. We get snow. This means to stay safe, you need to have good all-season tires or snow tires on your cars. Snow tires may cause your drive to be a little louder than usual, but the extra noise is a small price to pay for a safer ride.

    By the way, cold air temperatures may mean that your tires are more likely to lose air. Ask a physics teacher at your local high school why this occurs. 

    If you don’t receive alerts on tire pressure on the dash of your car, make sure you check the pressure at least once a week during the winter. Just look in your glove box. Your dad put a tire pressure gauge in there when you weren’t looking.

    Take care of your windshield

    Unless it is raining, no one thinks about wiper blades either. Make sure your wiper blades are in tip-top shape by replacing them twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring. New wiper blades are inexpensive, and if you go to the right auto parts store, they will put them on for you. 

    Speaking of wiper blades, make sure that you completely remove all the snow and ice from your windshield before driving. Having an ice scraper in your car helps in this process. Check your glove box. Your dad might have taken care of that for you as well.

    Driving with obstructed vision makes you a danger to yourself and others. Take the extra time to warm up your car entirely or get your daily cardio workout in by scraping the ice from your windows.

    Check your lights

    During the middle of winter, your morning and evening commute might both be in the dark. Make sure all the lighting on your car is working appropriately before winter starts.

    Not only will your lights alert other drivers of your presence, but having fully functioning lights will keep you from getting pulled over in less-than-perfect conditions.

    Have an emergency plan

    No matter the time of year, you may experience an emergency while on the road. Who are you going to call if you experience a blow out on the highway? What would you do if you ran out of gas in traffic during a snowstorm? What if you ran off the road?

    You could call your dad, but you may suffer his wrath if you hadn’t followed his car-winterizing plan. Instead, you should call All MD Recovery and Towing. We are open 24/7 and will be there for you whether your emergency was caused by your lack of planning or some other reason. 

    Our service techs will not only give you a tow, but they can also assist you in basic car repairs so you can get back on the road.

    Are you nervous about changing a tire when there is snow on the road? Let us take care of it. Our trucks are huge and well lit. We can take care of issues on the side of the road safer than you could.

    Are you tires not functioning well? Did the lack of tread cause you to slide into the ditch? Give us a call, and we will have you out in a jiffy. 

    If you were unfortunate enough to experience a collision, All Maryland Recovery and Towing will be there for you as well. We will haul your car wherever you would like and make sure you are safe and warm in the process.

    Give us a call any time of day at 443-829-2934. We will be glad to help you.

    This article was originally posted at All Maryland Towing and Recovery!