• Move Over Law Expands Which Includes Service Vehicles

    Hey, Maryland Drivers! Please follow the Move Over law!

    Usually, this blog is a platform for our company to talk about the best place to get cheap towing in Baltimore city or where to get heavy-duty towing in Baltimore.

    Today, we want to talk about a subject that is important to the people in the Baltimore tow truck industry. We want to discuss the state’s Move Over law. 

    Maryland’s State Highway Administration announced in 2018 that they were expanding the state’s Move Over law. Previously, the law protected emergency response vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and tow trucks. That list grew two years ago, and now it includes vehicles from the transportation department, service vehicles, utility company vehicles, and waste and recycling trucks with flashing lights. 

    Baltimore towing companies, including All MD Recovery and Towing, want you to know what this law requires. Here are the details:

    When you, as a driver, approach one of these listed vehicles from the rear, and the vehicle has red, yellow, or amber flashing lights, you must:

    • Move over toward a center lane
    • Slow down
    • Stay off your phone

    The Maryland Department of Transportation realizes that moving to a center lane is sometimes not safe or possible. This movement should only be completed if the move can be made safely and without disrupting the flow of traffic.

    That’s why they added the instruction to slow down around such vehicles. Drivers are instructed to maintain a “prudent speed” that is safe for the conditions. 

    MDOT’s State Highway Administration’s director said that the law was enacted to ensure the safety of their employees. He added that glancing at cell phones, even for a minute, can be enough of a distraction to cause a fatality of one of the people working along the roads.

    The announcement went on to list the people who were killed when working along Maryland highways during the last decade. Our hearts go out to the families of those who were killed by such accidents. 

    Even though Maryland and other states across the country have Move Over laws, highway workers and tow truck drivers continue to be killed while on the job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that transportation-related incidents remained the most common fatal occupational event in 2019. In fact, 40% of those deaths were caused by such occurrences. 

    One death is too many. That’s why we are asking all Maryland drivers to pull over, slow down, and stay off their phones. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s the law.

    According to national surveys, most Americans are not aware that such laws exist. We are here to tell you, on behalf of every towing company in Baltimore, MD, that by not following those laws, you are putting our employees at risk.

    • It is a misdemeanor to violate the Move Over law in Maryland. You will be charged a $110 fine, and one point will be charged against your driver’s license.
    • If your driving causes a crash, the fine is raised to $150. Three points are charged against your driver’s license. 
    • If your driving causes death or serious bodily injury of a worker, the fine is $750. 

    So that you know, Maryland police officers are taking this law seriously. They have witnessed cars zooming by as they stand on the side of the road, assisting a motorist. They are eager to do what they can to protect their fellow police officers, as well as highway workers and tow truck drivers. 

    Perhaps you will realize how relevant these laws are if you have a break down on the side of the road. You, too, will see how scary it is to check your driver’s side tire when cars speed past you only a couple of feet away, going 70 miles per hour. You will feel the rush of the vehicles as you crouch down to loosen your lug nuts. You will know that if one driver chooses that particular time to glance at his or her phone, you could be killed instantly.

    We don’t want anyone to have this experience. That’s why we put ourselves at risk every day. If you find yourself having a roadside emergency, call one of the best tow truck companies in Baltimore. Call All MD Recovery and Towing at 443-829-2934. We will arrive with our large truck festooned in flashing, yellow lights. Not only will our flashing lights offer some protection, but we will also take care of your flat tire or take care of your car-related emergency so you can continue heading safely down the road.

    Source: “News Release: Maryland’s Move Over Law Expands to Include Service Vehicles.” Maryland Department of Transportation. State Highway Administration. September 2018. https://www.roads.maryland.gov/pages/release.aspx?newsId=3255