• Tips in Driving a Car with Blowout Tire

    Last time, All Maryland Recovery and Towing described how underinflated tires could cause a tire blowout. You know now that you need to pay more attention to your automatic tire pressure light located on the dashboard of your car.

    Underinflated tires aren’t the only thing that causes blowouts. They can also be caused by overloading your vehicle. This may not often happen when driving your mom minivan unless you are hauling the entire defensive line of your son’s football team. It may be more likely to occur when hauling heavy materials in the back of your pickup truck.

    Damage caused by an unexpected impact also calls blowouts. The impact may be from hitting a curb, another vehicle, or one of Maryland’s notorious potholes. 

    You may drive your entire life and never experience a blowout. Since tire technology has improved so much in the last decades, they aren’t incredibly common. This means that drivers may be more surprised than ever if one does occur. Drivers who aren’t prepared for the unexpected may find themselves in a dangerous situation. 

    No matter how closely you check your tire pressure and how well you avoid potholes, sometimes tires may blow. How do you drive through a blowout and prevent an accident? Here are some tips on how to drive if you experience a blowout in Baltimore.

    First, it’s important to distinguish between a blowout and a flat tire. A blowout is a term used to describe a bursting tire. The tire pops, and then rapidly loses pressure. 

    Here’s what it feels like when you experience a blowout.

    First, you may hear a loud bang. A flapping noise will follow this. It can happen quickly, and it’s always unexpected.

    It’s human nature to react to loud noise, and some drivers may become easily frightened by the bang.

    Instead, try to train yourself to maintain control of the vehicle, rather you hear a loud noise or are startled by something else.

    Besides hearing the loud noise, you will feel your steering wheel jerk. A typical human reaction to feeling a wheel unexpectedly jerk may be to slam on the breaks. This would also be a mistake. Following this procedure may cause you to lose control of the car.

    Instead of slamming on the breaks, you should (unintuitively) maintain pressure on the accelerator for a moment. Doing so will preserve the momentum of your vehicle. Next, gently countersteer the car away from the direction it is being pulled. The keyword here is “gently.” Then gradually slow the car down and move it safely to the side of the road. 

    Perhaps you already knew the best practices for driving to safety when experiencing a blowout. The problem is that blowouts occur suddenly. You don’t have time to think. You don’t have time to remember what you read in an article published on the website of your favorite towing company.

    Because All-Maryland cares about your safety, we ask that you always drive prepared for an emergency. This means drive with both of your hands on the wheel. Sit appropriately. Quit picking up your phone “for a quick look,” and quit driving with your Starbucks always in your hands.

    If you do experience a tire blowout in Maryland, call your friends at All MD Recovery and Towing. We answer our phones 24/7.

    Here’s how we can help.

    First, we will arrive as quickly as possible. We know that you are in danger whenever you are sitting along the side of a road, and we will come to your rescue as fast as possible.

    Second, we will make sure your vehicle is pulled to safety, and that you are waiting out of harm’s way. 

    Next, our technicians will change the tire and put on the spare. Don’t worry. We will bring out own jack, and we can pump up a flat spare in no time. 

    Finally, with the spare tire on your vehicle, you can go on your merry way. 

    We know. You know how to change your own tire. Your dad made sure you knew how as soon as you started driving as a teenager.

    Here’s why you should let All MD change the tire for you.

    We have a big truck with bright lights. Other motorists will get out of our way. They won’t even budge out of the right lane while you are crouched down beside your tire. We’ve seen it happen.

    Next, unless you have a side job as a member of a pit crew, you probably aren’t incredibly fast with changing a tire. We’ve had plenty of practice. We will get you on your way more quickly than if you struggled with the lugnuts yourself.

    Let All MD Recovery and Towing help you keep you safe while changing your blowout tire in Baltimore or anywhere else in Maryland.

    This article was originally posted at Maryland Recovery and Towing.