• Avoiding Common Roadside Scammers

    All Maryland Recovery and Towing is in the business of helping people. We care about our customers and do all we can to get them out of harm’s way as quickly as possible.

    Unfortunately, not everyone who has access to a tow truck is as ethical as we are. These people are called towing bandits, and you need to be aware of how they operate so you can avoid their services at all costs.

    Here are some tips on how to avoid some common roadside scammers. 

    1. Verify that your tow truck is from All MD Recovery and Towing.

    As soon as your vehicle is not operational, call All Maryland Recovery and Towing at 443-829-2934. If you run out of gas, we will bring some for you. If you need a jump, we will bring our jumper cables. If you have a flat tire, we will change it for you. And, of course, if your car is not operational, we will tow your car wherever you choose.

    Perhaps you are preparing to call All MD Recovery and Towing when you see the flashing lights of an approaching tow truck. Maybe the driver seems friendly and says that he “chanced upon” your non-injury accident. You may feel grateful that he showed up — after all, you need assistance, and now you won’t have to call anyone for help. 

    The problem is that some scammers follow police scanners and go to the scenes of accidents. While this business practice is not illegal, the driver may have you sign a document permitting him to tow. If you aren’t careful, you may sign a document promising to pay an excessive rate. Or, you may sign a document giving the driver permission to take the vehicle to only one particular garage.

    Perhaps you call All Maryland Recovery and Towing. Moments later, you see a truck arrive at the scene of the accident, and you assume it is us. Ask for the driver to identify themselves with the name of the company. Look for our logo. Schemers will try to pretend they are a legitimate business, so make sure you are dealing with us before your car is loaded onto the truck.

    2. Read the fine print.

    It is always prudent to read the fine print. If you are unsure of what tow company you are dealing with, it is essential to understand the contract before you sign it.

    Your contract should clearly state the towing fees and any other miscellaneous charges for which you may be responsible. You may be charged for fuel and mileage. Also, look for any storage fees that are included in the contract. 

    We know that when you are standing on the side of the road, it is not the ideal time to play a lawyer. You might regret not paying attention to the details on the paperwork if you signed a document promising to pay over $1,000 for a tow.

    3. Besides paying attention to the fees, make sure the destination is listed on the contract. 

    If your tow truck driver insists that you take your car to a specific location, seek help from another company. Usually, these companies are up to no good. 

    Instead, have your vehicle towed to your regular mechanic. If the tow driver is not willing to go to a specific location, you may find yourself receiving service from a mechanic that charges more than most.

    4. Know what services are covered by your insurance company.

    Even though this tip has little to do with how to avoid roadside scams, it is a helpful bit of advice. Some insurance companies pay for the road assistance that All MD Recovery and Towing Offers. Your policy may cover tire changes, gas delivery, and jump-starts.

    Other policies may only pay for tows. 

    You will be pleased to know that All Maryland’s services are incredibly affordable. Whether or not you have insurance, our services are affordable. And you will know precisely how much the charges will be even before we show up to your vehicle on the side of the road. 

    Remember, most tow truck services offer quality services. Just be aware of the companies that show up when you didn’t ask for assistance. 

    And, if you are in need of a tire change in Baltimore or a tow company in Maryland, reach out to All MD Recovery and Towing. You know that when you are dealing with All Maryland, you are dealing with a company that can be trusted.