• Call All Maryland Recovery and Towing next time you need a jump start!

    You know that you can reach out to All Maryland Recovery and Towing whenever you need a tow in the Baltimore area. Did you know that All MD technicians are also trained to give jump starts?

    While we are happy to help whenever your car battery dies, you would rather avoid this situation. No one likes having car problems!

    What can you do to prevent being stranded with a dead battery? Here are some common reasons that car batteries die.


    Nothing lasts forever. Car batteries are no exception to that rule. Look at the date printed on top of your car battery. If it is more than five years old, watch for signals that it may be on its last leg.

    Do you hear a clicking sound when you start your car? This may indicate that your battery is not fully charged. Have you noticed that your headlights have dimmed when you’re sitting in idle? This may be a warning sign of an aging battery as well.

    Take your battery to a local auto parts store or service station to test it. You may want to purchase a new one before your old battery completely dies. This will keep you from being late for work or stuck in a parking lot sometime this winter.

    Leaving the Lights On

    We have all done it. We have all inadvertently left our car lights on at one time or another. Even though most cars come with warning systems that tell us when we make that mistake, it’s easy to ignore random dinging when we are talking with someone on the phone or listing to an audiobook. 

    This mistake may cause your battery to drain. Of course, you won’t be aware of this until you hop in the car the next morning to make a quick Starbuck’s run.

    What about this scenario? Is it just me, or do other people try to bring in all their groceries from the car in one trip? Even if I bought a watermelon and a case of water, I cut off the circulation in my fingers from the bag handles and struggle inside with my arms loaded. Isn’t this what everyone does for entertainment?

    Even though you may feel proud that you accomplished such a feat, your pride may be short lasted when you realize that your achievement caused you to leave your car door open all night. 

    Why does this happen?

    Your car’s alternator keeps the battery charged while your car is running. As soon as your vehicle is off, things like interior and exterior lights run only off of your car’s battery. Just like your preschooler’s Elmo cell phone, the battery only lasts a limited amount of time. You’re thankful when it happens to Elmo but irritated when your car battery doesn’t last as long as it should.

    Extreme temperatures

    If you have lived in Maryland or the greater D.C. area for a few years, you know how cold it gets during the winter. While the cold weather is draining for you, it also drains your car battery. This effect is compounded if you only drive short distances during the winter, and your car battery doesn’t get a chance to recharge. 

    If you have a garage, park your car inside. If you drive during a cold spell where the temperature is under 10 degrees, make sure you drive long enough to keep your battery healthy and happy.

    Being stuck with a bad battery during the winter isn’t only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. 

    Other mechanical issues

    We don’t always have to blame ourselves or the weather when something goes wrong. Sometimes other mechanical problems can cause our car battery to malfunction. Perhaps your alternator is not doing its job in charging your battery while you’re driving. Maybe the wires that connect your battery are corroded or loose. There are lots of things that could go wrong under the hood of a car.

    Call All Maryland Recovery and Towing

    Regardless of the reason you have a dead battery, you can reach out to All Maryland Recovery and Towing. Whether you need a jump start in Baltimore or a tow in D.C., we are your one-stop-shop for all emergency car situations.

    Don’t try to wave down a stranger to give you a jump. Although most people are kind and wouldn’t mind, there’s a chance you alerted someone with nefarious intent that you are without a car.

    Our service technicians will arrive with jumper cables ASAP. Call 443-829-2934 the next time you need assistance.