• What does your roadside assistance insurance cover?

    Review Your Roadside Insurance Policies It’s a new year, so it is time to get your life in order. It’s time to organize your files and go through your closet. It’s also time to review your insurance policies to make sure you have the very best coverage for the cheapest rates. As you talk with your insurance agent or review your coverage from the website, make sure you add roadside assistance insurance to your coverage. Why add roadside assistance insurance? Because the next time you are sitting along the highway with a flat tire, you will regret not having it.  Why you should have roadside assistance insurance Picture the scenario. You are cruising down MD 157, and you suddenly realize that your tire has blown. You pull off the highway as far as possible and get out to assess the situation. You quickly realize that (1) your tire is flat and (2) you don’t want to change it. You will think back to that cold day in January when you were going through your auto[...]

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