• A Guide on When Should You Call a Tow Truck in Maryland.

    You probably think you know the right time to call for a tow truck in Maryland. You imagine yourself standing on the side of a busy Maryland freeway, the hood of your car is open, and steam or smoke is coming out of the top of the vehicle. 

    You are right. If your car is not moving, and steam, smoke, or spray is shooting out of the hood of your car, you should probably call a Maryland towing company. In fact, don’t call just any towing company in Maryland. Call All MD Recovery and Towing.

    But there are other times when it is appropriate to call for a tow, and the times of our list may surprise you.

    Call All Maryland Recovery and Towing when you run out of gas.

    We know what you are thinking. You think towing costs big bucks. If you didn’t have enough money to fill up your car with gas, then you certainly don’t have enough to pay for a tow on top of it. 

    But if you run out of gas, and you call All MD Recovery and Tow, our drivers will arrive with gas for your car. They won’t come with the expectation of towing your vehicle to a gas station. Our gas delivery service is more affordable than you would think, although it’s not a good idea to make a habit out of asking us to come to your rescue.

    Call All MD Recovery and Towing when you lock your keys in the car.

    We really don’t mean to confuse you. Perhaps up until now, you wouldn’t even consider calling a tow service if your keys were locked in your vehicle in Maryland. Instead, you might look for the number or website of a Maryland locksmith. 

    The staff at All Maryland know a lot of people in the recovery community. We work with a network of independently owned and licensed affiliates who would be glad to assist you with any problem — including getting into a locked car. Call us, and we will find the right person to come to your rescue ASAP. 

    Call All Maryland Recovery and Tow when you have a flat tire.

    Perhaps you know how to change a tire. You’ve seen A Christmas Story hundreds of times, and you are a race fan who loves watching the pit crews do their jobs.

    Even if you already know how to change a tire, consider calling a Maryland towing service to assist you. Again, the tow truck driver will not tow your car anywhere, but they will put on your spare tire for you.

    It’s dangerous to change a tire along a busy road. Unfortunately, the other drivers often don’t slow down or get in the middle lane. Calling a recovery service to help will make the experience safer. Our service techs drive big trucks with bright, flashing lights. People tend to get out of the way of our vehicles, which will give our techs more room to change your tire safely.

    Also, changing a tire is a pain in the rear. It messes up your clothes and your nails. Besides, who wants to be crouched around a car when it is freezing or burning hot outside?

    Call All Maryland Recovery and Tire when you are in an accident.

    Before you worry about the condition of your car, make sure everyone involved in the accident is ok. This may take some time to assess. Sometimes injuries aren’t apparent, especially if you received a bump on the head during the crash.

    If everyone seems ok, and you don’t feel as if calling an ambulance is necessary, your next call should be to the police. After you have reported the accident, call All Maryland Recovery and Tow. You may feel as if your banged-up vehicle is drivable, but do not attempt to do so unless you are sure it is safe to take out on the road. All of your car’s lights need to be in working order. Also, if the airbag was deployed at the time of the accident, your vehicle will need to be towed to a shop for service. 

    Call All Maryland Towing if your car won’t start.

    Having a car that won’t start is one of the most frustrating experiences ever. It always seems to happen when you are already running late to work or when you have a huge to-do list.

    Before you call for a tow, make sure you aren’t out of gas. Check to make sure your car is in “park.” Make sure you are using the right key, and double-check that your key fob battery is still working. 

    If your car still doesn’t start, you need to call a tow truck. 

    This article was originally added at Maryland Recovery and Towing.