• Review Your Roadside Insurance Policies

    It’s a new year, so it is time to get your life in order. It’s time to organize your files and go through your closet. It’s also time to review your insurance policies to make sure you have the very best coverage for the cheapest rates.

    As you talk with your insurance agent or review your coverage from the website, make sure you add roadside assistance insurance to your coverage.

    Why add roadside assistance insurance? Because the next time you are sitting along the highway with a flat tire, you will regret not having it. 

    Why you should have roadside assistance insurance

    Picture the scenario. You are cruising down MD 157, and you suddenly realize that your tire has blown. You pull off the highway as far as possible and get out to assess the situation. You quickly realize that (1) your tire is flat and (2) you don’t want to change it. You will think back to that cold day in January when you were going through your auto coverage, and you realize with delight that you have roadside assistance insurance.

    What happens next? You Google Dundalk towing or Sparrows Point towing on your smartphone while sitting along the highway. You notice that All MD Recovery and Towing has high reviews as a Baltimore towing company so you call them at (443) 829-2934. Our friendly and able technician arrives to save the day, and all is well.

    What else should your roadside assistance cover besides Baltimore towing, Dundalk towing, or Sparrows Point towing?

    1. Look for a program that allows you to pick your own towing company.

    Not every roadside assistance programs are equal. Not every program allows you to pick your own company to use during an emergency. 

    Since you will feel more comfortable working with people you know and trust, ask your agent if you can call a towing company directly and then submit receipts for reimbursement after the fact.

    2. Make sure your roadside assistance program covers jump-starts.

    How frustrating would it be to go to your parking lot after a long day at work to find that your battery is dead? If you have a roadside assistance program, your evening does not have to be ruined. Simply call All MD Recovery and Towing, and we will jump your vehicle. Your insurance will cover the service call, so all you are out is a few minutes of inconvenience while you wait for our crew member to arrive.

    3. Make sure your roadside assistance program covers fuel delivery.

    It happens. You think you understand your car’s fuel light system, so you think you have a few more mile’s worth of gas in your tank before you have to fill up at your favorite convenience store that serves the best coffee. Apparently, your system isn’t as fool-proof as you think, and you run out of gas. 

    All MD Recovery and Towing can assist you with fuel delivery in all areas of Maryland. Get fuel delivery in Dundalk or Sparrows Point. In fact, our coverage area includes the entire state.

    4. Does your roadside assistance program include lockouts?

    Getting into a locked car takes skill. All MD Recovery and Towing works with some of the best locksmiths in the business. Make sure you let us know if a child or pet is in the car. Depending upon the weather, you may be advised to take matters into your own hands instead of waiting for a Baltimore tow truck to arrive.

    5. Does your roadside assistance program include tire changes?

    Whether you have a blow out while driving or you discover that one of your tires is flat when you come out of the mall, your roadside assistance program should cover hiring All MD Recovery and Towing to change your tire.

    No one likes changing tires. It’s a dirty, difficult job. Let All Maryland do it for you!

    6. Finally, does your roadside assistance program cover tows?

    At a minimum, your roadside assistance program should cover a tow. After all, this is a problem that you absolutely cannot fix on your own.

    Review your coverage to make sure you understand the fine print of your towing insurance. Do you have to use a company that your insurance company picks, or are you free to choose a company with which you are familiar? Is there a limit on how much your insurance company will pay for the tow?

    Once you have established that you do, indeed, have roadside assistance insurance added to your policy, create a cheat sheet to keep in the glove box of all your vehicles. List the items that your insurance will cover, so you don’t have to look up your policy at an inconvenient time. Make sure you add the name and number of All Maryland Recovery and Towing to your cheat sheet. We can assist you with all your roadside emergencies.