• roadside assistance

    Safest Places To Wait For Assistance

    At some time during your life, you will probably experience a car breakdown or accident. You may even run out of gas. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but statistically, it will likely happen to you at least once in your life as a driver.

    Since a car malfunction will likely happen, it’s good to be mentally prepared on how you will handle the situation when it occurs.

    It’s also good to discuss this likely scenario with your teenage drivers as well if you can get them to listen.

    Here are some things to consider as you wait for roadside assistance. 

    Turn on the hazard lights. 

    Do you know where your car’s hazard lights button is located? If you don’t, look for it the next time you are in your vehicle. Make sure your teenagers know where the hazard lights are located on their cars too.

    Move out of traffic as soon as possible. 

    Move to the shoulder as soon as your car begins to have trouble, especially if you are driving on a fast-moving highway. Don’t wait until your car can barely move, and then attempt to get out of the way.

    You may need to pull over on the shoulder, exit off the highway, or enter a parking lot. 

    How to push a car out of traffic

    If your vehicle is completely disabled, you may need to seek assistance from a passenger or a good Samaritan who will help you push your vehicle out of traffic.

    First, the driver should turn on the hazard lights. Next, while pressing the brake, move the car into neutral. 

    As the driver lets up on the brakes, he or she will need to ask the helper to begin pushing the vehicle. Never attempt to push a car uphill. 

    As soon as the vehicle is out of the line of traffic, the driver needs to push the breaks. The breaks may not work easily. Make sure the car does not get too much momentum before you try to stop it.

    Call All Maryland Recovery and Towing

    There are other Baltimore towing services, but we think you should call All Maryland Recovery and Towing. We provide jump-starts and of course the best of all Maryland towing services. Our number is 202-677-1222. Call us any time of the day or night.

    While we have you on the phone, we will tell you the identifying features of our truck. This way, you can be assured that when a tow truck pulls up, you’ll know that it is really us.

    Assess Your Situation

    Sometimes it is best to listen to your gut. If you feel that your car is pulled over far enough on the side of the road, and if you think the area is well lit and safe, you may decide to stay in your vehicle. 

    If you stay in your car, make sure you and the rest of your passenger remained buckled. Gather up your personal items from the vehicle while you wait for All MD Recovery and Towing to come to your rescue. Wait with your doors locked.

    Perhaps you feel that you are not safe waiting inside your vehicle. If this is the case, exit through the passenger door (or the door furthest away from traffic.) Take your personal items with you when you exit the vehicle.

    Make sure you bring your purse, wallet, sunglasses, phone, garage door opener, and insurance papers. 

    Exercise Caution While You Wait

    Perhaps strangers will approach you asking if you need assistance. If you don’t feel as if their intentions are good, don’t feel as if you need to be “polite.” You may consider calling someone to talk to on your cellphone while you wait for our towing service. Of course, be aware if our drivers are trying to call you for more specific directions while you are on the phone.

    Check Our Credentials

    When our tow truck approaches, make sure you can identify the driver as one of ours. We will take care of the rest, and you will be home before you know it recovering from a stressful experience.

    All Maryland Recovery and Towing is there for you no matter what type of problems you are having with your vehicle. We are the best rated for Baltimore tire changes. Do you have a junk car that needs removing? We can do that for you as well. Of course, Baltimore lockouts are our specialty too.

    Call us at 202-677-1222. We will be there for you in a jiffy.